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Castle Credits - Standard Terms and Conditions for awarding and use of Castle Credits

Castle Credits
The Castle Members Club is no longer accepting new Members

The Members Club is Closed effective 07/10/2019
This website will not be renewed at next renewal

In order to accumulate Castle Credits under our Cleaner Reward Program the following general terms and conditions apply:

General Terms & Conditions – Castle Credits for Cleaner Reward Program

You must work for clients of the agency for 3 months minimum before you can claim Castle Credits.

2. STATUS - to claim and spend Castle Credits:

(i) You must be M or A coded to make a claim on the Application Form for Castle Credits. To clarify: you have to be an A or M coded cleaner, currently shown on our records as working for our clients, in order to claim Castle Credits. Credits cannot be applied if you are not working for SelClene Clients at the time of applying for Credits.  

(ii) Castle Credits, once correctly claimed and confirmed as credited to your Members Balance, can then be spent at any time, irrespective of whether you are still working for SelClene, up to a limit of one year from the date you last worked for a client. The key point here is that you must APPLY for them and get them logged on to your Members Balance when and while you are still M or A coded.

(iii) You cannot have credits allocated to your Member Balance if you are not currently working for clients of SelClene and if you are not M or A coded at the time of making a claim.

(iv) You must use up your Castle Credits within one year of your employment with any client of SelClene ceasing.


(i) You must average 10 hours per week working for clients (40 hours a month minimum).

(ii) You may need to prove that you have worked an average of 40 hours per month by sending us scans of or photographs of your WERFS (see second form of the three on this link) over the period of your claim. If we can calculate total hours worked from your database file, we will not need WERFs. However, for greater accuracy, WERFs should be submitted when claiming Castle credits.


(i) Only hours worked for clients of SelClene Head Office or a supporting SelClene franchise count towards the hours count at (3) above.

(ii) Not all post codes of the Country operate the SelClene Cleaner Reward Program. If you are in a post code belonging to an agency that does not support the Cleaner Reward Scheme, then you are not eligible for Castle Credits. Read more here.

(iii) Some SelClene agencies will not support the scheme. No Castle Credits will be granted by agencies who are not managed by SelClene Head Office or who are not a supporting SelClene franchise. You can check if you are working for an agency that supports Castle Credits here but if post codes (your post codes) are not listed, you will need to fill in the Application Form to check if you are with an agency that supports this Cleaner Reward Scheme.

(iv) Any SelClene offices run or owned by Ian Bloom or Martin Gover, and serviced either at the SelClene franchisor’s office in Wales, or the St. Albans Office, are eligible for the Cleaner Reward scheme and are able to accumulate Castle Credits on their Members Balance.


(i) Normally Castle Credits can only be earned based on accumulated hours worked by you for Regular Clients paying a monthly or quarterly agency fee to a SelClene Head Office or a supporting SelClene franchise, for having a weekly clean.

(ii) Once off Cleans will tend not to be counted, unless WERFs are provided for these, and only provided SelClene Head Office or a supporting SelClene franchise received its full agency fee for the Once Off Cleans. In some cases, Once Off Clean fees will be earned directly by you, so they are your Clients not SelClene Head Office clients.

6. K CODE:

(i) You will lose your credits for any period you are K coded. You should avoid being K coded.

(ii) You may be K coded if you breach any of the principles of C.H.A.R. – competence, honesty, and reliability. Specifically, if you are dishonest, incompetent, or unreliable, you can be K coded. Once K coded you are not given any more jobs.

(iii) A deduction of some or all of your Castle Credits may be made, at Management Discretion, if you are ever K coded. The amount of the deduction will be decided by the Business Manager Michael Ludwig, whose decision is final.


(i) To make a claim for Castle Credits you must complete the Castle Credits Application Form.

(ii) Castle Credits are not allocated automatically and are not allocated at all unless you specifically make a claim for them by completing the Application Form.

(iii) Castle Credits are posted to your Members Balance upon request by you, for later use at the Castle.

(iv) You may complete the form multiple times - for each Castle Credits claim.

8. MUST BE CURRENTLY WORKING when claim Castle Credits:

(i) Credits will not be applied to your Members Balance if you are not working for SelClene Clients at the time of applying for Castle Credits.

(ii) Castle Credits can be applied once you are working for SelClene Clients again.

(iii) A spell off work does not mean you lose your Castle Credits, but you cannot apply for them to be credited to your Members Balance while not working for SelClene clients.

(iv) You can however spend your Castle Credits, once they have claimed by you and credited to your Members Balance, even if you are not working for clients of SelClene at the time, provided you use them up either while working for SelClene clients or within one year of ceasing work for all your SelClene Clients.


(i) Castle credits can only be used for services at the castle such as Dinner and B&B (See B&B Availability here) and drinks over the bar, up to the limit of your accumulated credits.

(ii) Castle Credits are placed on your Members Balance to use for midweek stays at the Castle and may not be spent outside the Castle.  

(iii) BED & BREAKFAST (B&B) AT CASTLE - MIDWEEK ONLY. There is no B&B Availability at weekends or when weddings are on (empty Fridays excepted). There is good B&B available midweek even during weddings as midweek weddings are smaller and do not use all our accommodation. Aim to use your Castle Credits for mid-week stays only, between Sunday to Thursday. Check B&B Availability here. Weekends are rarely available.

(iv) DINING: You can also spend your Castle Credits on Dinners at the Castle, but this subject to Availability. Avoid Wedding Nights when no evening meals are served and be aware no meals are served on Winter Trading Days. Evening Meals may be paid for using your Castle Credits only when we are already serving evening meals. We do not serve evening meals on nights when a wedding is on, nor on Winter Trading dates when there is low occupancy. You can instead dine at other local hostelries but will need your own transport to get to them.

(v) DRINKS & BAR: You can spend your Castle Credits on Drinks over the bar at Craig y Nos Castle, subject to the bar being open and the Castle not being taken exclusively by a Wedding or Event party.

(vi) You can effectively stay and dine for free when you earn enough Castle Credits.


(i) Once you have made an Application for Castle Credits and it is accepted, we create a new Castle Members file for you on the Castle Database.

(ii) At this time you are awarded complementary (free) Membership of the Craig y Nos Castle Members Discount Club.

(iii) Membership entitles you to B&B discounts at Craig y Nos Castle so your Castle Credits ' go further' - accommodation for example is all half price for members.


(i) There are many local pubs and some are within walking distance of the Castle.

(ii) Note that you cannot use your Castle Credits outside the Castle.


(i) Castle Credits for months worked, subject to you complying with the minimum hours requirements, and subject to all the terms above, are backdated to January 1st of the year in which you make a claim, but no earlier.

(ii) The year you make a Claim is important. If you claim your accumulated credits for hours worked at any time in 2018, you can backdate the your claim for the whole calendar year, going back to 01/01/2018, and count forward from then right up to the date you register your claim. If you claim at any time in 2019, you can backdate to 01/01/2019 but no earlier, and so on.

(iii) This means as of December of any year, you should be submitting your claim for the whole of the previous calendar year.

(iv) Failure to make a claim for Castle Credits in a timely manner for hours worked, may mean you lose some of your credit entitlement for hours worked.

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