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Member's Balance - how it works


Spending your
Member's Balance
The Castle Members Club is no longer accepting new Members

The Members Club is Closed effective 07/10/2019
This website will not be renewed at next renewal

Your Member's Balance is a running balance of your accumulated monthly payments less any deductions made for services used. You may use your Member's Balance to pay for services at the Castle.

1) You pay £30.00 PCM. Your payments are credited to your personal 'Member's Balance'. Your monthly payments are NOT a fee for maintaining your membership. They are an advance payment against future use of Castle services.

2) Your advance payments cover castle services at substantial discounts not available elsewhere and not bettered by any of our Special Offers to non-Members. Use your Balance to purchase goods and services at the Members Discounted Tariff.

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3) When you visit, use your Member's Balance for any service used.

4) Should your Member's Balance be less than the Booking Value of your stay or event, you make a top up payment on using the service.

5) You must maintain a balance of £30.00 in your account at all times.

6) Overnight B&B, drinks over the bar and food etc, can all be paid from your Members Balance.

7) You must be a Member for two months and made two payments under a Standing Order Mandate or Continuous Payment Authority to qualify for Members Discounts and other Benefits.

8) Should monthly payments cease for any reason, access to Members Tariff and Other Benefits cease.

9) As your personal Member's Balance accumulates, you may wish to invite friends for a B&B stay or choose to gift B&B stays to friends. If arranging stays at the Castle, you can pay for up to three rooms with your own Member's Balance, at the Members Discounted tariff for the en-suite rooms when used for B&B Breaks or, if booking guests in for a wedding, at the applicable Wedding B&B or Members Wedding Tariff.

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