3. Castle Credits - for every month you are on the agency books - Craig Y Nos Castle Members Discount Club

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3. Castle Credits - for every month you are on the agency books

Castle Credits
The Castle Members Club is no longer accepting new Members

The Members Club is Closed effective 07/10/2019
This website will not be renewed at next renewal

You can earn £5.00 in Castle Credits for every month you work for SelClene Head Office Managed Agencies and Supporting SelClene franchisees.

Just by remaining Reliable and Available for work on our books, and as long as you are actually working for a minimum of 40 hours per month, and provided the client is managed by and paying a SelClene Head Office Managed Agency and Supporting SelClene franchisee, you will accumulate £5.00 worth of Castle Credits for every month you are working for clients of the agency.

These £5 Monthly Castle Credits get posted to your account upon request.

You can only make a request by completing the Application Form here. You must complete this Application Form each time you make a request for Castle Credits, even if you have completed the form in the past.

The count of months backdates to the beginning of the year in which you make a claim (or back to when you started with the agency, if later): read more here.

So, if you started work with SelClene back in January 2018, and have been working for clients for at least 40 hours per month (roughly 10 hours a week), you can multiply £5 X the number of months you’ve worked, to work out how much you have in Castle Credits. These can be posted to your Members Balance upon submission of the Applicaton Form above.   

Note that due to weddings, breaks for Members can really only be taken at weekdays - read more here.

Terms and Conditions apply, see below:

Terms & Conditions – Castle Credits for Hours Worked

See also the General Terms & Conditions here which apply to all Castle Credits.

In order to accumulate Castle Credits for Hours worked, the following additional conditions apply:

1. You must be M or A coded at time of making a claim.

2. Credits cannot be applied if you are not currently M or A coded and if you are not working for at least one regular client of the agency.

3. You must work for an average of 40 hours a month (or more), over the period of Months for which you are applying for Castle Credits for Hours worked.  

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