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6. Castle Credits – a Summary

Castle Credits
The Castle Members Club is no longer accepting new Members

The Members Club is Closed effective 07/10/2019
This website will not be renewed at next renewal

You can earn Castle Credits to spend on

1. Dinners, subject to Availability – avoid Wedding Nights when no evening meals are served and be aware no meals are served on Winter Trading Days.

2. Midweek Bed and Breakfast breaks, subject to B&B Availability. There's no B&B Availability at weekends when weddings are on. There may be midweek B&B availability when weddings are on, as midweek weddings do not use all our accommodation.

3. Drinks over the bar at Craig y Nos Castle.

You gain complimentary Membership of the Craig y Nos Castle Members Discount Club, which entitles you to B&B discounts at Craig y Nos Castle when you complete an Application Form for Castle Credits.

Combine and accumulate Castle Credits to pay for a full mid-week break at the Castle.

We do not offer B&B breaks at weekends as we are fully booked for weddings every weekend.

When booking your own midweek breaks, be aware nights with weddings on are B&B only. Evening Meals are not served and there is no access to any areas hired by the wedding. 5 Local pubs are open within a 2 mile range.

Here is a summary of the cleaning service related ways you can earn Castle Credits.

1. Refer a Cleaner: The cleaner you refer must work for clients of the agency for a minimum of three months, for an average of 10 hours per week, to qualify you for your £25 Castle Credit for referring them. They need to work for 120 hours minimum – as do you, for you to qualify for the £25 Castle Credit for referring a cleaner.

2. Referring a client to the agency: Client must employ a SelClene Cleaner for a total of 13 weeks for at least 2 hours per week, and be up to date with their agency fee (paying two quarters agency fee as a minimum). You earn £75 in Castle Credits after the client has been with us for one quarter and made their second payment.

3. Working 40 hours a month: If you work as a cleaner for SelClene Clients for at least 40 hours a month, you will earn £5.00 per month in Castle Credits for every month you average over 40 hours per month. See when to claim this Credit here.

4. Referring Wedding Clients to the Castle - this is less likely but you just might come across someone who wants to get married at Craig y Nos Castle!

5. Bonus Credit for working more than 40 hours a month over a 12 month period (calculated annually with reference to signed WERFs). See when to claim this credit here.

6. Signing up clients we source (or you refer) and interviewing and training cleaners we source (or you refer) - read more.

Castle Credits are posted to your Members Balance and you automatically become a Member of the Craig y Nos Castle Discount Club when you have accumulated castle credits.


CLEANER REFERRALS: If you refer four cleaners, you earn £100 in castle credits.

WORKING: You work for 12 months and earn a further £60 in castle credit at £5 PCM worked (if over 40 hours a month averaged). Or 24 months for £120 worth. But note you have to claim within a Calendar Year.

CLIENT REFERRALS: You also refer one client at £75.

You now have accumulated £235 in Castle Credits.

This will pay for three nights midweek in the smart En-suites at Members Discount B&B rates, with change to spare for a few bevies at the Bar.

If you work for more clients you will accumulate more Castle Credits which you can use to bring guests and families to stay at the Castle. Over time you could be referring quite a few clients and cleaners, and eventually you may be ready to consider running your own Franchised Cleaning Agency with us.

Add a few more referrals to earn enough for a four- or five-day holiday in a Castle in the Brecon Beacons, for the whole family, or a whole week's self-catering holiday for all the family in our self-catering farmhouse, all paid care of your Castle Credits!

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