1. Castle Credits – £25 For each Cleaner you refer who gets started - Craig Y Nos Castle Members Discount Club

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1. Castle Credits – £25 For each Cleaner you refer who gets started

Castle Credits
The Castle Members Club is no longer accepting new Members

The Members Club is Closed effective 07/10/2019
This website will not be renewed at next renewal

We run a reward programme for referrals by existing cleaners working for SelClene, for new cleaners you refer, provided they get started and where they work a set minimum number of hours a month.

You can earn £25 in Castle Credits on all qualifying cleaners you refer.

To qualify for your £25 worth of Castle Credits for referring a cleaner, the following rules apply:

Terms & Conditions – Specific to Cleaner Referrals

1. Both you and the cleaner you refer must have worked for clients of the agency for a minimum of three months, for an average of 10 hours per week working for clients, to qualify you for your £25 Castle Credit for referring a Cleaner. Any cleaner you refer must work for SelClene Clients for at least 120 hours (three months at 40 hours minimum PCM) to qualify you for £25 worth of castle credits.

2. You may need to prove that you have worked an average of 40 hours per month by sending us scans of or photographs of your WERFS (see second form of the three on this link) over the period of your claim. If we can calculate total hours worked from your database file, we will not need WERFs. However, for greater accuracy, scans or clear photos of WERFs should be submitted when claiming Castle credits.

3. You may also need to demonstrate the referred cleaner has worked the minimum 40 hours a month by having them send us a copy of their WERFs.

4. Only hours worked for clients of SelClene Head Office or a supporting SelClene franchise count towards the hours count above.

5. The Cleaner must have completed all necessary paperwork (Proof of Id, Proof of Address, etc) and be using WERFs, Task Sheets and Key Security Deposit forms. The referred cleaner must also be in possession of and have read the Cleaner Training Booklet and have attended at least one Interview and one Cleaner Training session.

6. Some cleaners you refer may be excellent cleaners and last a long time, but not manage to get enough clients to average 10 hours per week. In this instance, we will pay you a £25 Castle Credit, once the total accumulated hours of the cleaner you have referred exceeds 120 hours, provided you also are either averaging 10 hours a week or have worked over 120 hours in total yourself.

7. It may well be your referred cleaner does not get any work or does not accept any work. Or they may be put forward for interviews by our clients and not be selected by our clients. In this instance, no castle credits can be earned.

Once the above conditions are met, you must complete the Application Form on this site to claim your Castle Credits and to join the Castle Members Club (which is free for Cleaners under the Reward Scheme).

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