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SelClene Cleaner Reward Program - Castle Credits

Castle Credits
The Castle Members Club is no longer accepting new Members

The Members Club is Closed effective 07/10/2019
This website will not be renewed at next renewal

This page is for SelClene Cleaners.

If you wish to become a Cleaner working for SelClene, or already are a Cleaner working for SelClene, read this page on Castle Credits and how they are posted to your Members Balance. If you are not a SelClene Cleaner then you may leave this page!

OK, Attention all SelClene Cleaners!

Here we explain the Cleaner Reward Program and how you as a cleaner for SelClene can earn 'Castle Credit's.

Castle Credits are placed on your Members Balance to use for stays at the Castle. As a cleaner entitled to Castle Credits, you automatically become a Member of the Castle Members Discount Club once you have claimed your Castle Credits.

To make a claim for Castle Credits you will need to complete the Application Form here.

Note that not all SelClene offices operate the SelClene Cleaner Reward Program. Check if you are working for an agency that supports Castle Credits here.

You can use your accumulated Castle Credits to stay in the Castle for B&B breaks (midweek only – Sunday to Thursday) subject to Availability. You can stay and dine for free when you earn enough Castle Credits.

This is a first for a cleaning agency!  What other agency offers its cleaners free holidays in its own castle?

You accumulate ‘Castle Credits’ the longer you remain with SelClene. You will gain more Castle Credits for each month, you work; see term here.

You can use your accumulated Castle Credits towards staying at the Castle. Your Castle Credits are credited to your Members Balance. Your Members Balance can only be used to purchase Dinners, Bed and Breakfast at the castle.

Due to weddings every weekend, you may only take B&B breaks mid-week, Sunday to Thursday, and on any Fridays where there are no weddings (rare).

If there is a wedding on midweek, you will not be able to dine at the castle. During winter months you will not be able to dine at the castle on our Winter Trading (B&B only) days. You can dine at other local hostelries (five locally) but will need your own transport to get to them. Some you can walk to. You cannot use your Castle Credits outside the Castle.

You can also use your Castle Credits towards a week’s self-catering break at the farmhouse, when you have enough Credits. You can use your Castle Credits either for a free short mid-week B&B break at the Castle, or for a week-long self-catering holiday in our farmhouse, using the Castle Credits on your Members Balance.  

Castle Credits are a loyalty bonus and you will be having some great times here, we hope, ‘on the Company’.  

Enjoy the perks of being a cleaner with SelClene.

Castle Credits – How you can earn them – see the following pages

7. Eligibility - Check if you are eligible for Castle Credits here - do you work for a Head Office Agency or a Supporting Agency

8. Application Form - register here to apply for Castle Credits if you believe you are eligible for Castle Credits to be posted to your Members Balance.

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