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5. Bonus Castle Credits – when you work more than 40 hours a month

Castle Credits
The Castle Members Club is no longer accepting new Members

The Members Club is Closed effective 07/10/2019
This website will not be renewed at next renewal

We want to encourage you to work more for our clients.

So, once you are working above 40 hours a month, for every hour above the 40 per month, for a Head Office Managed Agency or a Supporting SelClene Franchisee, you will earn a Bonus Castle Credit of 12.5 pence.

That is 12.5 Pence Per hour.

For every hour above 40 hours per month.

Say you work for just 6 clients at 3 hours a week on average. That is 18 hours a week or 77 hours a month. The first 40 hours qualify you for your £25 bonus (an average of 12.5 pence per hour worked for the first 40 hours).

Then for every hour in a month above the first 40, you earn a ‘Bonus’ Castle Credit of 12.5 pence per hour.

It is easiest to calculate this over a year’s period, to get a good average and a complete total number of hours over a year. So, this is how we calculate it.

First you make a claim in the usual way by completing the Castle Credits Application Form here.

If say over one year you work for 12 months X 40 hours = 480 hours, this gets you £5 PCM therefore £60.

Every hour above this total gets you 12.5 pence in Castle credits.

So, if you worked 600 hours a year, you would earn (600 hours minus 480 hours base level = 120 hours additional X 12.5 pence per hour = £15). You would then get £15 in bonus Castle Credits added to your Members Balance.

This again is worked out on the basis of correctly completed WERFs. The only accurate way to claim Bonus Castle Credits is by you sending copies of all your WERFs. Note that WERFs used to claim Bonus Castle Credits must be signed by the clients.

The more hours you work, the more you can claim in Castle Credits.

Note however you need to make your claim for Bonus Credits and Credit for Hours worked before the end of the Calendar Year - read more here.

You won’t notice it at once, as these are relatively small amounts that build up over time.

Slowly and steadily your Castle credits will build up, so at the end of a year, you may have enough saved up for a four or five-day holiday in a Castle in Wales.

And the more clients you bring to SelClene the more you can earn both for each and every hour you work for those clients, and of course for the £75 referrals for referring a new client to the agency.

Terms and Conditions specific to Earning Bonus Castle Credits

1. Credits cannot be applied if you are not working.

2. Bonus Castle Credits can only be claimed after one year’s worth of accumulated hours. They should be claimed in December - here's why.

4. Your total hours worked over the year must be greater than 480 hours. You must prove that you have worked over 480 hours in a 12-month period by sending us scans of or photographs of your WERFS over the period of your claim. The WERFs must in turn have the bottom of the form signed off by your Clients on the 'Client Signature' line. We need WERFs signed by your clients for you to claim Bonus Castle credits, NOT simply WERFs you have completed without signature of clients.

5. You receive 12.5 Pence in Castle Credits for every hour over 480 hours in a given 12-month period.

6. Only hours worked for regular clients of SelClene Head Office or a supporting SelClene franchise count towards the total hours worked in a given 12-month period. No Castle Credits will be granted by agencies who are not managed by SelClene Head Office or who are not a supporting SelClene franchise and nor generally for once offs - read more here.

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