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Bedroom / Bed & Breakfast Wales Discounts

The Castle Members Club is now Closed

Double En-suite Discounts

Members pay half the standard B&B rates. Instead of £140 on weekdays (£150 per room on weekends) for one night's B&B you pay £70/ room per night mid-week (£75/ room at weekends) based on 2 sharing. This 50% B&B discount only applies to non-event related B&B breaks. This is £35 B&B PPPN (per person per night) based on two sharing a double en-suite room, mid-week.

For Members Events & Weddings  B&B is £80 per en-suite instead of the wedding B&B tariff of £150/ night. This rate applies to Members only as guests who are not members pay the regular wedding tariff - see Members Wedding Tariff.  

See our B&B Availability here.

The Castle Members Club is no longer accepting new Members

The Members Club is Closed effective 07/10/2019
This website will not be renewed at next renewal

Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation discounts, B&B Wales, Room 31
Craig y Nos Castle Accommodation discounts, B&B Wales, Room 28

As a resident you are also invited free of charge on a History Tour of the Castle lasting a little over one hour - typically from 10.00 / 10.30 am to about midday.

AB11 on the Ground Floor, disabled triple en-suite Craig y Nos Castle

As a Member you are able to book up to three double rooms on your own account at any one stay. So if you have friends wishing to stay with you, or are hosting an event, you can book one room for yourself and three further double rooms for non-members, at members rates, on your own account. This means you pay for the rooms you book for your friends.

You are also able to book and pay for a room for friends who are non-members, either as a gift or as a favour, at any time, even if you are not staying at the hotel yourself. All such bookings must be made on your account and are payable by you, leaving you to secure payment from your friends should you wish to bill them for their stay.


B&B only £35 PPPN
mid-week for Members

Length of stay

Weekday Tariff


Weekday Deal

You Save with a
Weekday Booking

Rate per person

par night B&B

1 night £140.00£70.00 £70.00 £35.00

2 Nights





3 Nights





4 Nights





View all our bedrooms and scroll through room by room. If you have pets, view our dog friendly accommodation on our dog website.

For more on staying in the Brecon Beacons - see and 'places to see' in the area. For longer stays, see our detailed 7 day holiday itinerary.


Family Room Discounts

If you are a family of more than four people sharing a family room for 3 days or more, see family discount room rates.  

As a Member you are paying only £35 / head B&B mid-week. So up to a family size of 4 guests, the Member Rates rates will be lower. But if you are above 4 guests sharing a family room and staying for 3 days or more, it works out better value to switch to this family discount rate for large families.


Week's Self-Catering

Stay at the Farmhouse


You also gain a £100 per week saving on stays at Craig y Nos Castle's self-catering Farmhouse.

Craig y Nos Farmouse self catering holidays in the Brecon Beacons

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